Petition to protect our children and teachers from Asbestos

Aim:  half a million signatures needed to encourage government to respond to her petition

The ideas below come from JUAC members and Observers, Hank and Gill at their meeting on Friday and from Lucie.  Some of them have already been carried out.  They include:

  1. Ask all members of JUAC, AiS and other asbestos groups to sign petition and email it to all appropriate contacts in their email address books / family / friends asking them to sign as well.
  2. JUAC writes to all union Heads of Health & Safety elected and appointed / General Secretaries requesting they:
    1. Forward petition to all contactable (Email, Tweets, You Tube) members and ask them to sign.
    2. Carry an article, comment / letter asking members to forward/sign it to contacts in email addres books
    3. Send letters or article to editors of newspapers e.g. Mail, Guardian , Mirror covering issue and drawing attention to petition and asking then to sign it and circulate to friends, colleagues and family.
    4. Encourage local union groups / health and safety advisers/officers / secretaries to write article about local school staff/former pupil mesothelioma victims and link to petition.
    5. Send letters to TV with article covering issue and drawing attention to petition. Can we use Michael Lees links?
    6. Put something on You Tube
    7. Target people with long twitter following e.g. Kevin Courtenay, Mary Bousted,…add to list
    8. Target newspapers, journalists and writers who are likely to have an interest in petition: Warwick Mansell, Frau Abrams, Julie Burchill, Michael Rosen Greg Davies, Romesh Ranganathan, JK Rowling, Michael Morpurgo, Philip Pullman, Sting, Hugh Jackman
    9. Enable Lucie / celebrities to speak at Press Conference on school asbestos. Capture media interest with stunt / event /celebrities. Ideas for celebrities so far include: Greg Davies, Romesh Ranganathan, JK Rowling, Michael Morpurgo, Philip Pullman, Sting, Hugh Jackman
  3. JUAC plans to have regular JUAC asbestos blogs with Touchline links of about 500 words. E.g. Academisation (‘Is my child insured against developing mesothelioma from exposure to asbestos in schools?’), Brent Report (recommendations include petition demands). Could one of the first ones include a link to the petition?
  4. Proposed JUAC Face Book Group and web site / AiS / Wales Right to know campaign could provide links to petition on their web sites.
  5. 38 degrees is currently researching whether to take Lucie’s petition to the wider 38 degress membership. This would obviously bring more attentions and hopefully greater public awareness of Lucie’s petition and campaign. Click here for the petition


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