HSE asbestos review shows ‘shocking complacency’

May 2017

The TUC has published a blog about the HSE’s review of the Control of Asbestos 2012 Regulations which it says shows ‘shocking complacency’. Every time the review mentions the 5,500 deaths a year, it emphasises that these were as a result of past exposures and does not acknowledge the millions of workers who continue to be at risk from ‘hidden asbestos’ in places such as schools. The TUC also criticises the HSE review for failing to consider the impact of improving the controls or the effect on the death rate if employers were required to remove asbestos from the premises. In a blog on the matter, TUC head of health and safety Hugh Robertson stated that ‘the fact that Government and regulators see the status quo as the best option is a damning indictment of our health and safety system’.