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Founded in 2010, Joint Union Asbestos Committee (JUAC) protects education workers by raising awareness of asbestos in schools and promoting improved management of asbestos in education sector buildings. The JUAC members are representatives from ASCL, ATL, NASUWT, NAHT, NUT, Voice, UNISON, Unite the Union, UCATT and GMB.

JUAC aims to make UK schools and colleges safe from the dangers of asbestos, both for staff and pupils.

Terms of reference

If you’re interested in finding out further information, please email Julie Winn (julie.winn@juac.org.uk). The aims and objectives can be downloaded from here JUAC Revised Objectives 2015 FINAL June 2015

You can also follow the Committee on Facebook through the link below.

The Department for Education has now issued specific Asbestos Awareness Guidance for UK Schools and Colleges. JUAC supports the guidance and encourages all school staff to access the guidance at: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/asbestos-management-in-schools–2

Welsh Government Guidance for Asbestos Management in Schools

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